'De Luistervinken' in English

De Luistervinken is a Netherlands-based training and consultancy firm that helps clients to be more persuasive. We train teams to communicate more effectively, coach politicians and CEOs to give inspiring speeches and organize debates and discussions that energize and refocus companies towards their long-term strategic perspective. Here's an overview of what we have to offer:

Courses and workshops

Reasoning Skills

Being able to reason well is a critical skill for modern day professionals. This course teaches how to analyse a position or opinion thoroughly, formulate clear and concise reactions to it and engage with people constructively.

Dialogue Skills

Being able to prsuade someone depends on more than just being right. Even if the facts support you, managing the sociopsychological and emotional side of persuasion is just as important. This course develops the human side of persuasion.


How to influence political decision makers and the political cycle? This hand-on course lets you practice writing your own position paper and setting up your own lobbying campaign plan.

Dealing with the Media

Journalists never want to listen to you when you have something interesting to say, and only pop up whenever they're needed least. This courses explains the news cycle and helps you develop an effective strategy for dealing with the media - whether offline or online.

Presentation Skills

Admit it: we all want to speak like a young Barack Obama, back in 2008. Who wouldn't want to be able to enthrall an entire nation with just the power of words? This course shares all the tricks and techniques that Obama and other inspiring speakers use to sway an audience.

Writing Skills

Professional life these days consists largely of writing: writing reports, writing emails and writing project plans. This means that being able to write well is a key skill for every professional. This course increases the clarity and focus of your writing, thereby increasing its effectiveness.

Effective Team Meetings

How to make decisions together? How to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what they're supposed to do? And how to make meetings less boring, less time-consuming and more productive? This course teaches the essentials of effective group decision-making and applies it to your specific setting.

How to Lead Meetings

Taking it one step further than the course in Effective Team Meetings, this course teaches you how to take control of a meeting and lead it towards your desired outcome, effectively and efficiently. If you have a team to lead and decisions to make, this is the course for you.


Debate events

We live and breathe debate, dialogue and discussion. This means that no-one knows better than we do how to organize an effective debate event. Whether you need to engage and entice policy makers, energize your team with an internal dialogue session or to have an in-depth discussion with your key stakeholders, we know how to get it done.


Our key skill in debate events is fair, balanced and objective moderating. We provide moderators who are knowledgeable, attentive and curious. They have a good feel for atmosphere and are purpose-driven.

Speech- and ghostwriting

We shouldn't be talking the talk if we can't also walk the walk. That's why we also help you with writing your speeches, guest-columns, blogs and other persuasive material.

About us

De Luistervinken was founded by Daniël Schut. Daniël learnt the tricks of the trade first in competitive debating. He has won the National Debating Championships and was a finalist at the European and World Championships (ESL Category). He launched his professional career at the renowned international communications firm Fleishman-Hillard and subsequently joined the Argumentation Factory, a Dutch consulting firm that uses argumentation theory as their key analytical tool.

In 2011, he struck out on his own and founded De Luistervinken, a consulting firm specialized in persuasive communication. Their motto: persuasion starts with listening..strategically. De Luistervinken works with an active network of trainers, consultants and other specialists in their field, including Claudia Ruigendijk, well-known Dutch journalist and writing coach and Amber Verstraten, psychologist and trainer in interpersonal skills. In the past years they have served clients in healthcare, politics, education, and the food, energy and telecoms industries.

We're looing forward to working with you. Contact us here.